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Coming soon:  Viking

The Morrison Studio

presents our latest…

The Callis brothers’
new short film Viking gets our title design

What a huge pleasure to be asked by Sam and Ben Callis to get involved in designing the titles for their new short film Viking.

Teaming up again with editor Ian Cunningham (Vampire Academy) to collaborate on the titles was, as always, great fun. And we are all really pleased with the end results. Excited for the film getting a well deserved release, we look forward to sharing our work very soon.

Sam and Ben’s first time collaboration on their debut film

Although they have followed very different career paths;Ben Callis an award winning Creative Director in advertising; Sam Callis a highly successful actor on stage and screen, their different backgrounds have brought something very special and unique to their film.

They say that this experience of working together has made them realize that they share a common vision when making film, but that their different perspectives make it exciting and always adds a twist to the creative process.

Having already had such positive feedback with Vikingthey are now developing several new film scripts.