Flower and The Girl

 a 7 min stop- motion animated film that tells the story of Flower and the shadow Girl.

In Association with Staffordshire University Faculty of Animation.

Director: Robin Heap 

Conceived  by Jo Lewis

Screenplay:  Jo Lewis and Sam Callis

Associate Producer:  Ben Callis







Producer  Jo Lewis.









Producer:  Lee Friend








Composer attached to the project:  Jessica Dannheisser.

Jessica Dannheisser is a British composer known for her work in film, VR games, television, theatre and contemporary music.

Recent scores include comedy drama Eric Ernie & Me (BBC Four), historical drama-documentary Six Wives With Lucy Worsley (BBC One), and Urban Myths: Adolf Hitler, The Artist (Sky Arts). Feature scores include the Emmy award-winning WWII From Space (History Channel), Miracle Landing on the Hudson (National Geographic Channel) and Knuckle. Jessica also composed the music for the comedy series Siblings (BBC Three).

Jessica orchestrated Mica Levi’s powerful score to ‘Jackie’, the critically acclaimed biopic of Jackie Kennedy starring Natalie Portman.



Colourist attached to the project: Max Horton (Tim Burton’s ‘The Corpses Bride’, Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’, ‘Gravity’ staring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock).


Developed with the support of Film London through the Enable Short Film Fund


 halftone grad


filmed at the Animation Studios Staffordshire University, England.

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